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The „Club of winners“ follows the principle of “learning from the best”. Only innovative companies with the appropriate vision are accepted into the “Club of Winners” at the coveted “Best Business Award”. Successful companies present their recipe for success on site, e.g. in personnel development, customer surveys, etc., thus enabling a mutual exchange of experience. Those companies that have made it to the final round of the “Best Business Award for Sustainable Corporate Management” are admitted to the “Club of Winners”.

The neoom product range is characterised by innovative products that are at the cutting edge and represent the right solutions to promote the energy transition. The combination of modern neoom energy storage and charging products with the intelligent NTUITY energy management platform energy management platform enables completely new business models through renewable energy and shows the holistic view of the neoom group grmbh, the company behind neoom® and NTUITY®.

“Building a company with values and meaning is one thing, developing products with passion to solve the problems of the world is another. Without the great trust of our friends, partners and customers, none of this would be possible”

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