Founded in 2018 by Walter Kreisel, neoom group is a European clean tech company with offices in Freistadt (AT, HQ), Vienna, Munich (DE) and Vaduz (FL). The neoom group combines high quality hardware solutions, an intuitive energy management platform and associated financial services into a holistic business model to provide the rapidly growing European market with a highly scalable and straightforward solution.

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Mankind’s knowledge has never been so great, technology never so advanced, yet we are still dependent on old systems.

That is why WE are convinced that renewable energies, the infinite power of sun, wind and water, are the only solution in all areas of our life.

WE at neoom group build the most efficient and economical energy systems. Through digitalization and decentralization, we make it possible for just about anyone to become part of the energy transition – today! 

The neoom group team

Impact is our Valuation

The people behind the neoom group stand for building a highly profitable and sustainable company that can meet the demands of a rapidly growing market as well as the climate change challenges we face.

The neoom group is pursuing the main goal of becoming Austria’s first gigacorn by 2025. In doing so, we are not only putting the profitability of the company first, but in particular also making a sustainable contribution to climate protection with a savings target of one gigaton of CO₂ through neoom products and services by 2025.

Because right now, when the EU is also leading the way worldwide with the Green Deal and CO₂ taxonomy, decarbonization by means of decentralized energy systems is one of the most important goals.

PurposeExponential growthSustainable success
GoalExit, max. ProfitExponential contribution to sustainability through highly profitable and competitive business model
WorldviewWinners and LosersWinWin-LoseWin: CommunityWin: NatureLose: Centralization and conventional energy
BeneficiariesShareholderCommunity, nature and people at neoom
Customer paysOften opaqueValue-based, qualitative and transparent

Strategische Ziele | Strategic Goals


Revenue Growth

1.3 GWh

Storage capacity sold
in 2020

~ 144

Sites serviced with NTUITY
in 2020


News markets entered
in 2021

For the Energy transition we need:

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neoom group ESOP

Unsere Mitarbeiter/-innen sind uns unglaublich wichtig!

Deshalb erhalten unsere Mitarbeiter auch durch einen transparenten ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) eine direkte Beteiligung an der neoom group. Alle Mitarbeiter/-innen haben dadurch eine persönliche Zusatzmotivation, um jeden Tag 100% Vollstrom für das Unternehmen zu geben! 

Insgesamt werden 5% aller Firmenanteile vorab reserviert und intern je nach Position prozentual verteilt. Es gibt natürlich bestimmte Bedingungen, die daran geknüpft sind – zum Beispiel muss jemand zuerst eine bestimmte Anzahl an Jahren in der Firma verbleiben, um vollen Zugriff auf die Anteile zu haben.

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Ein frisches Unternehmen mit frischen Perspektiven. Der Markt gehört jetzt smarten, zielstrebigen und schnell agierenden Organisationen wie neoom! 
Rudolf Hilti
Growth & Investor Relations
neoom group

neoom group NEWS


Uniting the world to tackle climate change

On November 3, Walter Kreisel participated in the panel discussion on “Green Housing – new technology to deliver zero carbon homes” as part of the World Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

A tax for the future

The austrian coalition government had just announced an eco-social tax reform, which should bring individuals and enterprises a relief of 18 billion euros by 2025.