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A turbulent year is slowly drawing to a close. We look back with pride because, thanks to great team spirit and commitment, we have managed to persist with our mission and to continue on this successful course despite all obstacles.

Despite the particular challenges of the past few months, a global rethink has now set in – the issue of the energy revolution seems to have finally reached the center of society. Now it’s time to tackle it together. One thing is clear: we are ready to make our contribution and will continue to do everything we can in 2021 to take the energy transition to the next level.

The fact that with our help a full 642 tons of CO2 could be saved this year is therefore also the greatest gift from and for us, because it is proof that together we can make a difference.

Of course, we are also supporting the non-profit organization Karibu World again this year, which supports projects for orphans in Africa and India and whose great work is more important than ever, especially in these challenging times.

We would like to thank all our customers, partners, friends and supporters for the good cooperation in the past months, wishing you a merry Christmas and – above all – good health.

Let’s gather energy to take off together into 2021 and turn the energy industry upside down.

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