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The neoom group is pleased to announce another milestone in the company’s history: thanks to its immense innovative power and entrepreneurial spirit, the neeom group has been enriched by a promising subsidiary. This step is also an impressive testimony to the effectiveness of the neoom Leadership Program.

Following the successful spin-off of Imhotep.Industries, Manfred Ledermüller will become a co-partner and take over the role of CTO with immediate effect, thus lending his active support to the neoom group management team. Within the neoom group he has already made an incredible contribution to the development and completion of the mobile atmospheric water generator Phantor, which has recently been showered with a whole series of awards. In his new role he will continue to write this success story, ensuring that Phantor will conquer the world in the coming months and years and thus make an important contribution to the global fight against water shortage. This will include building a worldwide partner and distribution network and the continuous development and improvement of Phantor.

Unterzeichnung des Vertrages

The neoom group is pleased to have reached another milestone which once again confirms that our team, which has been growing steadily since 2018, is the key to achieving the neoom group’s ambitious goal of averting the looming climate crisis with the help of the latest technology and a great deal of in-house expertise.  As a prime example of neoom spirit, entrepreneurship and drive, this success story clearly proves that we do not limit our employees in realizing their dreams and ambitions, but support them in doing so to the best of our ability.

You want to turn the energy industry upside down and take the energy transition to a new level with innovative ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place.

With the spin-off of Imhotep.Industries we have taken the next step in the Phantor success story. And we're just getting started... I am very proud and hope that this also inspires others to pursue their dreams and entrepreneurial ambitions and to make them come true. Many thanks to Walter and to all my colleagues for their great support - this cannot be taken for granted... Thank you!
Manfred Ledermüller
CTO & Co-Founder Imhotep.Industries

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