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What does it take to found a startup based on a good idea? This question was addressed at the digital event “From the idea to kick off – founder stories” organized by Brutkasten and the Austrian Chamber of Notaries – featuring our founder & CEO, Walter Kreisel.

There is no doubt that founding a company requires more than just a good business idea. First and foremost, it requires personalities who can bring ideas to life and inspire people with their products and solutions.

That’s why the organizers scouted three special founders as part of a competition, who provided participants with valuable insights and tips.

We are very pleased that, in addition to Ines Nechi, CEO & Co-Founder of Helpsole and Stephan Ziegler, CEO & Co-Founder of EDDI Bike, our CEO & Founder, Walter Kreisel, was also among the three finalists.

The three answered a number of questions together, including the following:

◾ What personality traits do I need to bring along as a founder:in?
◾What do I need to look out for when forming teams?
◾How do I deal with setbacks and learn the right lessons from them?

Anyone who missed the event can now easily catch up and watch the recording of the stream (German audio):

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