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The big birthday livestream #neoomlive01 on Tuesday March 31 was a great success. Exactly one year to the day after the successful trademark registration of neoom, it was the perfect occasion for a look behind the scenes and an opportunity to get to know the people behind and around the company.

Since the current corona situation meant that the event had to be relocated to the digital world at short notice, a much larger number of people were actually able to attend the programme. Last but not least, a panel with several of the investors, moderated by Brutkasten CEO Dejan Jovicevic, met with great interest and has since been viewed by several thousand people.

Moderator Mathias Gruber guided participants through the two-and-a-half-hour livestream, which opened with a panel in which the members of the neoom management team spoke about their respective backgrounds and motivations.

Afterwards, CEO Walter Kreisel and COO Roman Diesenreiter presented the company’s hardware portfolio, which has grown to an impressive size over the past year.

In the following interview, Ben Elmecker, the designer responsible for the unique design of the neoom product series, provided revealing insights into the underlying considerations behind the designs. The audience was able to learn, among other things, how design decisions have contributed significantly to increasing the functionality of the products.

In the next interview, Thomas Walka, a neoom customer, answered questions. The managing director of the ÖSW subsidiary immo 360 grad gmbh shared his experiences with Mathias Gruber about the joint storage project in Vienna.

Investor Panel

powered by der Brutkasten

Dejan Jovicevic from the start-up and innovation platform der Brutkasten then moderated a panel of investors and members of the Advisory Board, who explained what motivated them to invest in the company and what prospects they see for the future.

Johannes Püller, a specialist in the automation of energy trading and Gerd Karlhuber, Co-Founder & COO of Blockpit were joined by Günter Maier, former Head of Renewable Power at OMV.

While the existing investors have increased their respective investments, a number of new co-investors could also be gained. When selecting these investors, it was particularly important that they would contribute significant added value to the company. With the help of the know-how they bring to the table, neoom is therefore well equipped to meet future challenges:

  • Sok-Kheng Taing (Co-Founder of Dynatrace), on Advisory Board of neoom group
  • Johannes Püller (Co-Founder of VisoTech & Entrepreneur), on Advisory Board of neoom group
  • Gerd Karlhuber (COO & Co-Founder of Blockpit)
  • Philipp Lobnig, CFO of neoom group, Johannes Schleicher, Technical Director of NTUITY, with Günther Maier, Serial Greentech Entrepreneur & former Head of Renewables at OMV and Martin Thomas, CEO mthpower services & Senior Consultant METKA & former Managing Director OMV Power International.
  • Roman Diesenreiter, COO neoom group & Technical Director neoom


In the next block, there was great news about the NTUITY energy management platform. While the software had already been an important key to the highest possible efficiency in the management of neoom storage, it has now been expanded into a platform that can also be used to optimize storage systems from other manufacturers. This decision was prompted by the realization that many other users and companies would also benefit from the innovative software and that this would help to further advance the energy turnaround.

With this decision, the team once again confirmed its commitment to the energy revolution. This was further reinforced by Walter Kreisel, who in an interview with Mathias Gruber explained the reasons for his recently launched campaign #10minutes.

Since it was originally intended to be a birthday party, music was of course a must. And so Jörg Schreder alias DJ Duke brought the evening to a musical close after these very intense 150 minutes.

We would like to thank all participants and spectators and are pleased that this first internet-based neoom company event has met with such great interest. See you at the latest at #neoomlive02!

Your neoom Team

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