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Since Austria recently decided to start taxing CO2 emissions, many people are wondering how instead of emissions, the costs for energy will be going through the roof in the future.

At the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, countries debate the topic of addressing carbon reduction on a global scale. In more detailed discussions surrounding the negotiations, participants at the COP26 events wonder: How can we reduce CO2 emissions in manufacturing and engineering? 

Ia panel discussion on „Low carbon and renewables / manufacturing and engineering“ Walter Kreisel highlighted the potential of renewable energy production such as photovoltaic systems and decentralized battery storage. 

Together with the other speakers, Walter reflected on ways to make the manufacturing sector more sustainable and on topics such as increasing transparency within carbon accounting.  

He emphasized the importance of developing a circular economy with resources being used efficiently from production over utilization to the end-of-life phase. We at neoom group have the goal to offer high quality products with the smallest possible footprint, as resourceefficient as possible! 

Our goal is to bring cleaner, safer and cheaper energy to all of us. And this can only be provided by renewable energies. By combining the right products and the right solutions will help to solve the big problem of the electricity amount in the future and decarbonize at the same time.
Walter Kreisel
Founder and CEO of the neoom group

Missed the panel discussion? Here you can rewatch it:

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As the topic of burning resources arose, Walter answered questions from the audience about the necessity of moving beyond fossil energy sources.  

It is important to us that society becomes aware of one central idea: No matter how cheap energy or any other product is, if not done properly, it is the environment that pays the price of a piece of equipment we buy. Luckily, we not only believe in the value of a decentralized renewable energy system, but we also know that in the long run it is the cheapest option we have. 

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The Climate Chamber Mission hosted by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is a hybrid two-day international trade and knowledge exchange mission which will be held during COP26. This key business initiative is the largest ever international trade mission hosted by a British Chambers of Commerce’ and is designed to support business in the delivery of circular economy solutions, sustainability and climate targets.


The mission will bring together up to 100 leading sustainable and circular businesses from across the world. Through inspiring content and an online expo, you will have the opportunity to learn from these pioneers in sustainability and circular solutions, and explore how together, we can accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and decarbonised economy.

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