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Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and Provincial Councilor Stefan Kaineder came by our headquarters last Monday. The two politicians used the appointment to personally take a look at the future of energy, as our management team and founder and CEO, Walter Kreisel, showed them our software and hardware solutions of decentralized energy supply technology. 

In order to achieve the targeted expansion of an additional 27 TWh renewable energy in Austria by 2030, a major effort will be required. It is already clear that innovative and regional companies will play an important role in this. Together with other companies, we are already working hard to drive forward the targeted expansion of photovoltaic generation capacity of 11 TWh. In the process, we are proving that the shift of energy supply towards renewable energy sources is creating numerous jobs, as can be seen by the rapid growth of the neoom group in all areas. After around two years, we currently employ 85 people, while more than 15 additional open positions are being advertised.

During their visit, Vice Chancellor Kogler and Provincial Councilor Kaineder got a clear picture that a decentralized energy supply based on 100% renewable energy is no longer a vision of the future, but is now a reality in Freistadt among many other places.

„The action on climate change is a key driver for innovation, sustainable economic impulses and new jobs. Energy supply is being rethought here. It is always impressive to see how local companies develop ideas that have the potential to go global. With a clear path towards climate neutrality and numerous investment programs, we also want to support the corresponding setting of the course for the future.“
Werner Kogler
Vizekanzler und Bundesminister Österreich

Our management team discussed the benefits and legislative challenges of renewable energy expansion with both visitors. We also showed them the entire portfolio of our stateofthe-art products with which we are currently conquering the marketfrom intelligent electricity storage and charging stations to the innovative energy management and automation software NTUITY.  

„Here at Neoom, we can see how the energy transition can become reality. Clever minds are working every day to ensure that we achieve the turnaround and are developing concepts and products that we will urgently need to achieve the goal of climate neutrality. However, political decision-makers are now also called upon, because our economy and industry need strong support and the appropriate framework conditions to be able to embark on the path of transformation to climate neutrality as soon as possible.“
Stefan Kaineder
Klimalandesrat Oberösterreich

These products in particular are currently driving our success beyond the country’s borders. We are already active throughout the entire DACH region and established a German subsidiary at the beginning of the year to significantly increase our footprint in the German market in the coming months. 

Media representatives did not miss this event either. Here are the first reports and contributions:

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