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On October 27, our founder and CEO, Walter Kreisel, was a keynote speaker at the AAP Business Club, an event organized by the Austrian Association in Paris, Association Autrichienne à Paris.

His presentation titled “Why an elephant can solve our water problem” was all about the mobile atmospheric water generator Phantor from Imhotep.Industries, a company of the neoom group. This result of Austrian engineering art is getting a lot of attention, especially after it was recently awarded a number of prestigious prizes. With its innovative approach, Phantor makes an important contribution to providing access to drinking and process water all over the world, and is thus completely in line with the goals of the cosmopolitan French-Austrian association.

The Association Autrichienne à Paris was founded in 1956 with the aim of promoting cultural exchange between France and Austria.

The AAP Business Club in turn creates an informal setting in which both club members and other interested individuals from the business world can meet and discuss current issues in a relaxed atmosphere.

Many thanks Melitta Schneeberger and the entire team of the AAP Business Club for the invitation and the organization of this successful event.

Watch Walter’s presentation here:

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