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No more splitting the atom

The EU commission now plans to include nuclear energy in its taxonomy, labelling it a sustainable energy source, because it does not cause direct CO2 emissions. At the same time, Germany is phasing out its nuclear power plants. So can nuclear energy really help us towards a clean energy future? What about the alternatives? We took a closer look at those questions in our latest article


Corporate Carbon Footprint – more than just a number

When it comes to climate protection, one thing is clear: we are all in the same boat. And that’s why we have to pull together. Because of this we set a good example and report actively and transparently on our corporate carbon footprint and measures to reduce and offset our emissions.


Walking in the right direction with the carbon footprint

The terms “ecological footprint” and “carbon footprint” come up regularly when the issues environmental protection and climate neutrality arise. The corporate carbon footprint is a calculation method for the ecological footprint of companies. But what exactly is behind it? And how are these metrics calculated? The ecological footprint is a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by the activities of people or products. Private individuals can have their ecological footprint calculated using CO2 calculators, for example from Climate Partner. Six key aspects are used for this calculation: The emissions caused by electricity consumption,

carbon footprint

From CSR to ESG

Innovation in companies no longer extends only to their own product range. Due to the increasing social responsibility of companies, companies have to consider more and more aspects if they want to be innovative. One of these aspects are their own CO2 emissions. But how can they be calculated at all? And how influenced?


A tax for the future

The austrian coalition government had just announced an eco-social tax reform, which should bring individuals and enterprises a relief of 18 billion euros by 2025.

by Pok Rie

A blessing in disguise?

Because of the recent sharp rise in energy prices, the first observers are already talking about an international energy crisis. We explain what the current price developments are all about and why this crisis also represents an opportunity for renewables.

neoom sommerfest 2021

Review of the neoom summer party 2021

At the end of July, almost 100 employees and investors together with their families were invited to this year’s summer party to celebrate the past successful milestones and to look forward to the future. The new faces could be met in a relaxed summer atmosphere.

neoom family

11 million investment for further growth!

Just in March, our cleantech company celebrated its second birthday with #neoomlive02. In the meantime, we have grown by 300 percent, have more than 100 employees, have won numerous awards – including the Energy Globe World Award – and have now reached the next major milestone with the successful completion of the CENTUM investment round. Together with Rudi Hilti’s THE COMBINATOR and international investors from Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and the USA, an investment of 11 million euros was secured. This event was also celebrated together with the entire team at this year’s summer party on July 23.


From idea to kick off: founder stories

What does it take to found a startup based on a good idea? This question was addressed at the digital event “From the idea to kick off – founder stories” organized by Brutkasten and the Austrian Chamber of Notaries – featuring our founder & CEO, Walter Kreisel.



As part of the HAGERBACH NXT 50 FESTIVAL, the think tank THE hosted a panel discussion on the topics of innovation and sustainability. Walter Kreisel discussed with Philipp Furler, CTO of Synhelion SA and Burkhard Holder, CEO of VDE Renewables.


Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and Provincial Councilor Stefan Kaineder visit the neoom group in Freistadt

Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and Provincial Councilor Stefan Kaineder came by our headquarters last Monday. The two politicians used the appointment to personally take a look at the future of energy, as our management team and founder and CEO, Walter Kreisel, showed them our software and hardware solutions of decentralized energy supply technology.  In order to achieve the targeted expansion of an additional 27 TWh renewable energy in Austria by 2030, a major effort will be required. It is already clear that innovative and regional companies will play an important role in this. Together with other companies, we are already


Setting the pace for the energy transition – two years of neoom

For two years now, the neoom group has been setting the pace when it comes to efficient energy systems in which hardware and software seamlessly interact. At neoomlive02 on March 31, 2021, we took the opportunity to look back on two successful years. At the same time, there was also a lot of talk about the future. What was clear to everyone at this hybrid event: the energy transition is within reach. Everyone in the neoom group as well as among our partners and investors is convinced of this.


Neoom celebrates its birthday

Time is flying by when you are in the fast lane – and before you know it, we are already celebrating neoom’s second birthday this month. To mark the joyous anniversary, neoomlive is going into its second round. As part of this hybrid birthday event, we will celebrate the successes of the past two years with the whole team and also take a look into the future of the company.


neoom’s company achievements in 2020 in 5 figures:

Despite all the challenges, 2020 was an extremely successful year for us. But how is success defined these days? We see ourselves as a sustainable, innovative company. Therefore, our focus is not on the maximum possible financial gain, but on gradually achieving our goals while simultaneously maintaining our corporate values and identity.
And so, last year, we succeeded in continuing to grow in a healthy and sustainable way without compromising our own goals and ideals.


neoom review of a special year 2020

In 2020, we continued our success story despite the global pandemic. Under the umbrella of the neoom group, we combine concentrated know-how and pursue our shared mission: to revolutionize the energy industry.


Christmas greetings from neoom

A turbulent year is slowly drawing to a close. We look back with pride because, thanks to great team spirit and commitment, we have managed to persist with our mission and to continue on this successful course despite all obstacles.


Full speed ahead

Corona is still omnipresent – less than four weeks before Christmas. We are still in the second lockdown, but an end is slowly emerging and so but an end is slowly emerging and so the neoom team is already looking ahead and fully committed.


#neoomlive01 review

The big birthday livestream #neoomlive01 on Tuesday March 31 was a great success. Exactly one year to the day after the successful trademark registration of neoom, it was the perfect occasion for a look behind the scenes and an opportunity to get to know the people behind and around the company.


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